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5 Steps for Planning an Easter Vacation at a 3 Bedroom Cabin in Gatlinburg

Taking an Easter vacation in the Smokies is a fantastic way to relax and spend quality time with your loved ones. You can avoid the stress of hosting a holiday party at home and enjoy some long awaited peace and quiet in the mountains. Alpine Chalet Rentals has put together five easy steps for planning your stay in a 3 bedroom cabin in Gatlinburg.
1. Determine the Length of Your Stay
You won’t be able to enjoy the great outdoors of Gatlinburg without getting the OK from your boss on your vacation time first. Decide how long you’ll stay and select your days for arrival and departure.
2. Plan Ahead for Optimal Relaxation
It’s much easier to relax if you know everything at home is taken care of. Find someone to check in on your home and/or pets. Arrange for pickup of any expected deliveries. Clean out your car and go in for a tune-up if necessary.
One_of_our_awesome_Smoky_Mountain_vacation_rentals3. Consider Your Amenities
Each 3 bedroom cabin in Gatlinburg from Alpine Chalet Rentals has its own personality. As you browse through our selection, be sure to check out the amenities so you have exactly what you need. From cabins with high speed wireless internet access to Jacuzzis, there’s something to suit every traveler’s taste. All of our cabins come with fully furnished kitchens, so you can prepare a tasty Easter dinner right in your cabin!
4. Pack Appropriately
If you plan on cooking a holiday meal, be sure to bring along any special ingredients that can’t easily be found at a local grocery store. Pack a good rain jacket and sweater for cooler weather, and bring along swimsuits and towels for the Jacuzzi tub. Choose your favorite snacks and music for the road. Also, don’t forget to pack some chocolate eggs to hide around your cabin for an Easter egg hunt!
Daughter_shares_Easter_egg_with_her_mother_outside_of_their_three_bedroom_cabin_in_Gatlinburg5. Plan Your Activities and Excursions
Of course, part of the fun of vacationing is discovering unexpected delights along the way. Still, having a list of activities ensures that you’ll have plenty to do to entertain yourself and any little ones. Visit our Things to Do in Gatlinburg page for some great ideas!
Contact Alpine Chalet Rentals to reserve the 3 bedroom cabin in Gatlinburg you’ve been dreaming of. A refreshing Easter vacation in the mountains is right at your fingertips.

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