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3 Delicious Restaurants in Sevierville TN

Applewood Restaurant (1)
June 17, 2024

We are proud to offer quality lodging in each of the Smoky Mountain area’s major cities, one of which is Sevierville. If you’re planning a vacation there, let us tell you more about the city before you visit. Here is a list of 3 delicious restaurants in Sevierville TN:

1. Five Oaks Farm Kitchen

Five Oaks Farm Kitchen serves classic Southern comfort food all day long! For breakfast, order an omelet or a casserole. Want something sweet? Get pancakes or French toast with toppings such as whipped cream or strawberries. All the dishes pair great with a mug of hot coffee or a refreshing glass of orange juice. If you can’t make it for breakfast, stop by for lunch or supper. Get the Fried Chicken, Chicken Pot Pie, or Open-Faced Pot Roast with farm-fresh sides like green beans and stewed carrots. Along with great food, Five Oaks Farm Kitchen has a great backstory! It carries on the legacy of Dr. John and Blanche Ogle. The couple was beloved by residents when they lived in Sevierville during the 1920s for their hospitality and delicious food. Today, the restaurant’s staff strives to provide every guest with the same thing!

2. The Appalachian

the appalachian restaurant in sevierville tn

The Appalachian is another one of the delicious Sevierville TN restaurants. The restaurant prides itself on making great dinner entrees with fresh ingredients. There is a hearth in the middle of the kitchen that gives their steak and chicken a mouthwatering smoky flavor. Other main dishes on their menu include Rainbow Trout and Duck Breast. If you’re feeling adventurous, try a Buffalo Frog Legs appetizer before your meal. You can also get the Butterbean Hummus served with raw vegetables and a grilled baguette. After your main meal, make sure to save your appetite for dessert! You won’t be able to say no to choices like the Brown Butter Bourbon Chewy Cake and the Mixed Berry Cobbler with vanilla ice cream. Adult guests have more options, as they can choose from a selection of delicious dessert drinks like the Salted Dude and Muddy Waters.

3. The Applewood Farmhouse Restaurant

The Applewood Farmhouse Restaurant is part of Sevierville’s Apple Barn. The barn itself was built by a local family in 1910, and the area now has great shops and restaurants. While you’re there, get a delicious meal! The Applewood Farmhouse Restaurant provides visitors with delicious Southern comfort food all day long. Every meal comes with a complimentary single serving of Applewood’s apple fritters, apple butter, and apple julep. For breakfast, order the Country Boy Breakfast Skillet. It comes with a biscuit, breakfast potatoes, and scrambled eggs. Other choices include a plate of Hershey’s chocolate chip or wild blueberry pancakes! There are other equally delicious dishes for lunch or dinner, such as meatloaf, fried chicken, pot roast, or chicken pot pie! Enjoy the taste of apples again when you satisfy your sweet tooth with an Apple Cobbler or Apple Spice Cake for dessert.

We hope you try some of these delicious restaurants in Sevierville TN! If you want to learn more about food in the Smoky Mountain area, check out our other list of unique places to eat in Pigeon Forge!