The Smoky Mountains of East Tennessee

Hiking in the Smokies

Smoky_Mountains_Autumn_MediumHiking is one of the most enjoyable and obvious past times in the Smoky Mountains. This area was made for recreational enjoyment. The beautifully forested Smoky Mountains lie on the edges of North Caroline and Tennessee. Visitors from both sides of the range will find that hiking in the Smoky Mountains is a peaceful experience with nature that is hard to rival at any other location. So come hiking in the Smokies and see what you have been missing!!

It is not necessary to make hiking in the Smokies a brief day trip. Renting cabins in Pigeon Forge or renting cabins in Gatlinburg can help turn a day of hiking into a week of a hiking without repeating the same hike. Find the perfect cabin with Alpine Chalet close to the national park to be closer to your favorite trails at The forests are vast and inviting enough to ensure that the trip stays exciting, so you can justify a vacation rental.
The great thing about the Smoky Mountains is that it is possible to hike them and enjoy it at any time of the year, even winter. During the summer, wildlife abounds and livens up the forests. The trees offer shade from the glaring sun and the mountains offer cool streams and falls for warm hikers. The fall offers changing foliage and crisp air that will leave hikers feeling refreshed. The diminished plant life of the winter leaves much more of the forest open to view, making it common to come across the ruins of old homes. Of course, the spring offers up her usual spread of flowers and awakening life.
Whether visitors are coming for a quick jaunt, thinking of staying for a bit or thinking of staying for good, a hike is the best way to get to know the Smoky Mountains. Follow a trail and see why so many people have walked in that direction. Wander off the beaten path and see what everyone else has been missing.

What is your favorite trail to hike while you are visiting the Smokies?? We would love to hear your favorite. Share it with us on Alpine Chalet Rentals Facebook page.

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