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How to Stop Overpacking Once and For All

Do you put so many items in your suitcase that you can’t even close it? Do you bring seven bags for a two night stay? We hate to break it you, but you may be an overpacker. We understand that you want to be prepared for everything and anything, but overpacking is simply a waste of time and energy. With over twenty years of vacation experience, the staff at Alpine Chalet Rentals has seen their fair share of overpacking. That’s why we’re sharing some of our favorite tips for bringing just the essentials to our chalets in Gatlinburg.

Check the weather.

The best way to stop overpacking is to narrow down exactly what you’ll need to bring. Before you pack both your winter coat and your tanning oil, go online and check the weather forecast for the week you will be visiting. This is guaranteed to save you some space in your suitcase.

Plan out your vacation schedule.

One reason people bring so much on vacation is they don’t know what they’ll be doing. “We might unexpectedly go to a fancy restaurant, so I better pack my suit”. Instead of bringing all of your formal wear, have a discussion with your family and figure out a rough idea of what you want to do on your trip.

Give us a call.

With high speed internet, home theaters, and fully equipped kitchens, there is a good chance our chalets in Gatlinburg already have some of the things you need. If you want to find out what’s provided for you in your chalet, just ask!. Our vacation specialists are always happy to answer questions about specific vacation rentals. You can get in touch via our Contact page or by calling 1-800-234-2661.

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