The Smoky Mountains of East Tennessee

Top 5 Perks of Staying in a Gatlinburg Cabin With a Mountain View

Incredible mountain view from a Gatlinburg cabin with a hot tub

One of the best parts about renting a cabin in the Smokies is the spectacular view! Alpine Chalet Rentals has put together a list of the top five perks of staying in a Gatlinburg cabin with a mountain view:
1. Stunning Scenery
Naturally, the number one benefit of a cabin with a mountain view is simply being able to enjoy stunning scenery from virtually any room or location in your cabin. The Great Smoky Mountains offer some of the finest natural beauty in the country, regardless of the time of year.
2. Relaxing Atmosphere
There is just something about mountain views and fresh air that inspires an atmosphere of relaxation. Kick back on your cabin’s deck as you enjoy a hot cup of coffee with the backdrop of the mountains, or soak in the hot tub as the sun sets on another beautiful day in the Smokies.
Shot_of_the_Smoky_Mountains_with_a_rainbow_from_a_Gatlinburg_cabin_with_a_mountain_view3. Photo Opportunities
Whether you are an amateur or professional photographer, the Great Smoky Mountains provide some of the best photo opportunities that you will ever find. By staying in a Gatlinburg cabin with a mountain view, you can conveniently grab your camera at any time of day to snap the perfect shot!
4. Romantic Ambiance
Book one of the cozy one bedroom Gatlinburg cabins from Alpine Chalet Rentals and enjoy the romantic ambiance of the mountains with your special someone. Combine the mountain views with roaring flames in the fireplace, a Jacuzzi, and many other wonderful amenities, and you have the perfect romantic getaway!
Photo_of_downtown_Gatlinburg_taken_from_a_Gatlinburg_cabin_with_a_mountain_view5. Great Memories
After staying in a cabin with a mountain view, you are sure to have great memories of the incredible scenery and all the fun you had in the Smokies! Whether you stay in one of our one bedroom cabins with your loved one or in a large cabin with a group, the amazing mountain views are sure to be a highlight of your stay at Alpine Chalet Rentals.
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