The Smoky Mountains of East Tennessee

6 Reasons to Stay in Our 1 Bedroom Cabins in the Smokies

Incredible view from the porch of a Gatlinburg Cabin for Couples

The first thing that may come to mind when you think of 1 bedroom cabins in the Smokies is size. The fact of the matter is we have many cabins in which size isn’t measured by the amount of bedrooms that are in them. These cabins are a perfect fit for a variety of vacations types, and we have 6 reasons why you should choose them for your place to stay in the Smoky Mountains.

1. Big Enough for Small Families

Some of our 1 bedroom cabins offer plenty of space for small families to enjoy! If you are planning a small family vacation to the Smoky Mountains, you’ll definitely want to check out the ​Heavenly Inspired​ cabin, which sleeps up to 8 people. The kids won’t mind not having a bedroom to themselves when they see their surroundings in the loft area. This cabin is proof that our 1 bedroom cabins are more than sufficient for families!

2. Perfect for a Couples Getaway

If it’s just you and your sweetheart looking to get away, our cabins in the Smokies are just the place for a nice and romantic vacation. It’s just the two of you, so you’re probably looking for nothing more than what you need. Alpine Chalet Rentals has just what you need and will hook you up with the perfect setting for your love nest.

3. Getting a Great Value

We’re sure you probably don’t want to spend more on a cabin than you feel you should. When you book one of our 1 bedroom cabins, we’re certain you’ll feel like you’re getting a great value. In fact, when you see what all of these cabins have to offer in the way of comfort and amenities, you may feel it’s worth spending a little more. Now that’s what we call a value for your money!

4. Astounding Amenities

cades cove vista lodge game roomWe’re not going to give you bare-bones amenities with our cabins in the Smokies. You’re going to get everything you could ever want in a cabin. And once you step inside a cabin like ​Cades Cove Vista Lodge​, you’ll be amazed that a 1 bedroom cabin can have so many wonderful amenities! This cabin comes with an oversized kitchen, a game loft, and more.

5. Perfectly Peaceful

Our 1 bedroom cabins offer a wide range of options for the setting of your choosing. One thing is for sure with our cabins: You will certainly feel at peace with the world no matter which one you choose. You can rent a secluded cabin with wooded views or a cabin with spectacular mountain views — but still close enough to enjoy the resort or tourist areas.

6. You Can’t Lose

We think that with everything we’ve described about our cabins in the Smokies, you’re not going to lose no matter which cabin you choose. They’re all worthy of a stay; your only decision will be which one is the right one for the 2 of you, or for your family!

That’s our list of why we feel our 1 bedroom cabins in the Smokies are the best resting place for your desired vacation. Be sure to grab your golden ticket and ​book your cabin for the trip of a lifetime!

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