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Remember These Tips for Viewing Animals in the Smoky Mountains

Elk in a field
June 21, 2013

Did you know that disturbing or feeding wildlife in the Great Smoky Mountains National Park is against the law? Use these tips to help you understand the best ways to view animals in the Smoky Mountains!
Wear Comfortable Clothes & Stay Quiet
Make sure you wear comfortable clothes and shoes because you will be in mountainous areas to search out wildlife. It is helpful to pack a pair of binoculars or a camera with a zoom lens, so you can look at wildlife from a distance.
Patience is important while waiting on wildlife to appear. Animals in the Smoky Mountains are less likely to appear when there is a lot of loud noise or sudden movements. The prime times to see wildlife are early morning and early evening hours.
Watch for a Change of Behavior
Generally, you have to recognize whether or not you are too close to an animal. If the animal begins to change behavior, you may be getting too close. If you fear that you are disrupting an animal, slowly step away until the animal begins to act normal once again.
Never Feed the Animals in the Smoky Mountains
You should never be close enough to feed any animals in the Smoky Mountains! Feeding the animals is harmful to them, too! We want to make sure that we treasure the Gatlinburg nature, including the animals and their habitats! Animals are important to the Smoky Mountain environment and we want to make sure they are safe in their natural environment!
Dispose of Your Picnic Leftovers
Black bears in the Smoky Mountains appear to be adorable creatures, but they are actually unfriendly animals. If you are looking to view the wildlife, a good place to see bears and other animals in the Smoky Mountains is Cades Cove. Many people choose Cades Cove as a picnic destination because the Gatlinburg nature is so beautiful. Although picnics in Gatlinburg are a fun idea, the most important rule is to pick up your trash and never feed the bears! In order to keep the area safe for everyone, dispose of your garbage rather than leaving it at the picnic site. The foods and wrappers can be harmful to the black bears. If the Smoky Mountain bears begin searching for food, they will invade some of the most beautiful picnic areas.
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