The Smoky Mountains of East Tennessee

Top Benefits of Taking a Vacation

Father having fun with family in Gatlinburg TN

Vacations are a time of leisure and new experiences, and Alpine Chalet Rentals knows this better than anyone. If you’re considering letting your vacation time go by unused, you should know that there are true benefits to taking time away from your busy schedule. Whether it’s getting away from stress or spending uninterrupted time with the ones you love, vacations really are beneficial all around.
1. Health Improvements
Studies have shown that vacations can improve physical and mental health. Guests who stay in Alpine’s Gatlinburg chalets can have a truly stress-free trip because our rentals are secluded and quiet for a good night’s rest and peaceful time away from everyday life.
Not only do our chalets offer health benefits, but the Smokies do as well. There are tons of things to do in the Smoky Mountains that will get you burning calories and breathing in the fresh air. Hiking in the Great Smoky Mountain National Park is a great way to get active on vacation. There are hundreds of miles of trails, so you’ll never have to see the same area twice no matter how long you stay.
Families could also take white water rafting trips or go horseback riding. One of the best things about the area are the vast opportunities to explore, breath and refresh.
2. Work Performance
Getting away for a few days just might be what your work performance needs. Time away from work can reenergize you to take on a big project. You might also find new and creative ways to approach a problem because you’ll be more focused after returning.
3. Family
Between work, school, meetings and practice, family time can be limited. A vacation will give everyone the chance to focus on each other with everyday distractions. Our Gatlinburg chalets are fully-furnished and spacious, so families can cook and play together without feeling cramped.
Alpine wants to provide you and your family a peaceful and beneficial getaway in our Gatlinburg chalets. We offer comfortable and spacious vacation homes with delightful views in a relaxing atmosphere. Be sure to view our chalet options to find the right one for your family’s needs. See you in the Smokies!

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