The Smoky Mountains of East Tennessee

4 Ways Staying at Our Pet Friendly Cabins Near Gatlinburg TN Saves You Money

At Alpine Chalet Rentals, we understand that dogs are truly part of the family! That’s why we are pleased to offer an affordable selection of pet friendly cabins for your next vacation to the Smoky Mountains. Here are four ways staying at our pet friendly cabins near Gatlinburg TN saves you money:
1. No Kennel or Pet Sitting Fees
Since you can conveniently bring your dog to many of our cabins, you will save on the expenses associated with kennels or hiring a pet sitter. These costs can quickly add up, especially when taking a vacation for a week or longer. As a bonus, your beloved pooch will certainly be much happier by your side instead of spending lonely nights at a kennel.
Woman_and_dog_in_a_car_on_the_road_to_one_of_our_pet_friendly_cabins_near_Gatlinburg_TN_2. Free Activities
When bringing your dog to the Smokies, it encourages you to find free local activities that you can enjoy with your pet. This could be anything from taking a short hike on the Gatlinburg trail, walking around Gatlinburg’s Village Shops, or simply exploring the area around your cabin. You can even take your dog up the scenic Gatlinburg Sky Lift for free with a paid adult!
3. Encourages Car Travel
When vacationing with your furry friend, it is much easier to travel to your destination by car rather than by plane. When flying, you have to deal with boarding your nervous dog for travel, not to mention the high costs of airfare for each member of your family. It is much more convenient and cheaper to drive to our pet friendly cabins near Gatlinburg TN, and you can make any necessary pit stops along the way.
Dog_sitting_on_the_porch_of_one_of_our_pet_friendly_cabins_near_Gatlinburg_TN4. Cheaper Overall Costs
While there may be some pet friendly hotels in the area, it is much more affordable to book a cabin with Alpine Chalet Rentals. In addition, you and your pet will appreciate the luxury of having more room to spread out. For the latest discounts on our pet friendly cabins, check out our Gatlinburg cabin rental specials for a variety of fantastic deals!

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