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Why a 4 Bedroom Cabin in Gatlinburg is Perfect for Your Multi-Family Vacation

When it comes to taking a vacation in Gatlinburg, the more the merrier is always true! Spending your time in the Smokies with another family is a great way to double your fun and save money at the same time. To help you make the most of your getaway, we have put together some great advice for planning a multi-family retreat in a 4 bedroom cabin in Gatlinburg.
Space for Everyone
Our 4 bedroom Gatlinburg cabins have more than enough space for two or even three families. With room for up to 14 guests, we can easily accommodate your neighbors, family members, or friends.
4_bedroom_cabin_in_GatlinburgBig Savings
Taking a multi-family vacation is a great way to share the costs of taking a getaway in Gatlinburg. A $200 cabin split between three families, is only $67 per night! For less than the price of a hotel room, you can enjoy a spacious cabin with your friends and family.
Ideal Mix of Privacy and Togetherness
Our 4 bedroom cabins give each family the privacy they need to spread out. With three of four bathrooms in each cabin, there won’t be any long lines to take a shower in the morning! At the same time, our cabins have plenty of common areas for guests to spend time together. Our large dining areas and comfortable family rooms provide ample seating for everyone as you catch up over a meal or enjoy a movie as a group.
Multi-generational_family_posing_for_a_photo_in_Gatlinburg.More Fun
Taking a vacation with another family is simply more fun! Your kids will always have friends to play with, and adults can reconnect with each other without the distractions of everyday life. Whether you take a winter hike in the Great Smoky Mountains National Park, hit the slopes at Ober Gatlinburg Ski Resort, or simply explore downtown Gatlinburg, you will have an amazing time with your friends and family at your side.
Give us a call today to start planning your multi-family vacation in a 4 bedroom cabin in Gatlinburg!

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