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Top 5 Reasons to Experience Winter in Gatlinburg

Snow falling on Gatlinburg Tn

While Gatlinburg, Tennessee is beautiful throughout the year, there are some special reasons to visit our Smoky Mountain city during the winter months. Here are the top five perks of spending part of your winter in Gatlinburg:
1. The Beauty of Winter Without the Frigid Temperatures
Many parts of the country are beautiful in winter, but you may have to endure sub-zero temperatures when you visit. Other areas remain warm, but deprive you of the pleasures of traditional winter scenery. The Gatlinburg area provide a happy medium, giving you snow-capped mountains, winter sports, and other joys of the season, without arctic temperatures. While you’ll have to bundle up in the mornings and evenings, you can expect temperatures in the upper 40s and low 50s during the day, perfect for walking, hiking, and exploring the area.
2. Get in the Holiday Spirit
Gatlinburg and the surrounding areas are especially magical during the holiday season. The Winter Magic Festival, which lasts from November to February, brings millions of LED lights that you can enjoy as you walk or drive around the city. Your whole family will appreciate the creativity of the light displays depicting animals, snowmen, fountains, and more. You can also take trolley tours of the Christmas lights in the evening, another annual tradition that is offered throughout the winter season.
Spending part of your winter in Gatlinburg also offers a chance to do some holiday shopping. Gatlinburg has many distinctive stores and boutiques where you can find a variety of gifts, such as handmade crafts and local gourmet foods. Be sure to check out the 6 best Gatlinburg shopping spots to find Christmas gifts!
A_snowboarder_flying_through_the_air3. Go Hiking, Skiing, or Snowboarding
Gatlinburg is a great place for outdoor winter activities. You can always go hiking, either right by your cabin or on the many trails in the Great Smoky Mountains National Park. If you enjoy winter sports, you can visit Ober Gatlinburg, which offers skiing, snowboarding, snow tubing, and many other activities for the whole family. The ski season usually begins in early to mid-December, while the snowtubing season typically starts around November 21. There are plenty of other things to do as well at Ober, such as ice skating, the Wildlife Encounter, mini golf, and the Aerial Tramway, which offers one of the area’s best views of the mountains.
4. Take Some Time to Relax and Slow Down
The holiday season can be hectic, between shopping, cooking, and family gatherings. It can be healthy to take a break from all of this commotion to get away to a place where you can enjoy some peace and quiet. If you spend part of the early winter in Gatlinburg, you can revel in the holiday spirit while taking a break from all the stress. You may also want to consider visiting Gatlinburg after the holidays, when things quiet down even more. This is a time when the temperatures are still relatively mild, there’s less traffic, and you can still enjoy the snowy mountains as well as the city’s winter lights.
A_happy_couple_with_mugs_and_sweaters_looking_out_at_a_winter_scene_from_their_cabin5. Enjoy the Comforts of a Cabin in Winter
At Alpine Chalet Rentals, you can find a cabin that’s ideal for your winter getaway in Gatlinburg. There are small cabins where couples can enjoy splendid seclusion, cabins for families with kids, and larger cabins for family reunions or holiday celebrations. You can always relax and enjoy the comforts of your cabin, such as sitting by the fireplace or soaking in the hot tub. At the same time, you’ll be very close to all of the conveniences and entertainment that’s available in the Gatlinburg area, including great restaurants, dinner theaters, amusement parks, museums and so much more. Check out our complete selection of Gatlinburg cabin rentals to start planning your winter vacation!

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