The Smoky Mountains of East Tennessee

4 Advantages of Staying at a Secluded Gatlinburg Cabin

While some vacations are about running from place to place and checking off a “to-do” list of attractions, sometimes a more relaxing getaway is called for. Daily life is hectic enough, and a vacation is an excellent opportunity to kick back and relax. If you’re worried that you won’t be able to slow down for your retreat, give a secluded Gatlinburg cabin a try. Our delightful properties are just what you need to really take it easy.

1. Unplug and Unwind

Studies have shown that being constantly connected through technology makes people feel more stress. Cell phones, tablets, and laptops may make you feel like you’re always in the know, but how much value does that add on vacation? We can’t deny that our secluded Gatlinburg cabins are equipped with all the modern conveniences. That means you can still check your email and keep up with world events if you want. However, it might be nice to pretend for a few days that your cabin is more isolated than it really is. Instituting a “no cell phones” rule for a couple of days might open up a whole new world of relaxation.

2. Getting Off the Beaten PathHappy_couple_hiking_near_thier_secluded_Gatlinburg_cabin

If you’re tired of the same old hotels, you might benefit from staying in a cabin. Each of our properties is miles from ordinary, and most guests relish the chance to try something different. Nested in the foothills of the Great Smoky Mountains and surrounded by natural beauty, vacationing in a cabin is unlike anything else you have experienced.

3. The Opportunity to Do Nothing At All

Too often people feel like every moment should be scheduled. Staying at a secluded Gatlinburg cabin is the ideal excuse to spend some time doing nothing. Agendas aren’t needed when you’re relaxing and having fun right at your cabin. Whether you decide to play a round of pool in the game room or just enjoy the magnificent views from your deck, there is truly no way to “waste time” on your vacation in the Smokies.

Beautiful_view_of_the_Great_Smoky_Mountains_from_a_secluded_Gatlinburg_cabin4. Get Lost and Find Yourself

Just step outside of your cabin and wander into the woods to find a trickling stream or catch sight of deer picking their way through the underbrush. Surrounded by peace and serenity, you’ll feel more in touch with yourself than you have in years.

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