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6 Types of Tasty Food in Gatlinburg You Can Sample for Free

Ole Smoky Candy Kitchen in Gatlinburg

There are many things in Gatlinburg that awaken the senses. When it comes to your taste buds, you’ll be dazzled by the amount of food in Gatlinburg that’s available to sample. And the best part is it’s free! Here are 6 types of food you can sample while you’re browsing the Gatlinburg shops.

1. Fudge

Fudge is one food in Gatlinburg that’s found in many of the sweet shops. Most of the employees of these places are happy to give you a sample of some of their best chunks of creamy fudge. They do this because many customers give in to temptation, and you’ll likely be one of these people walking out with a few slabs. Try Ole Smoky Candy Kitchen for some of the best homemade fudge!

2. Ice Cream

Joining fudge as a top food in Gatlinburg readily available to sample is ice cream. This popular summer treat is a hit in Gatlinburg throughout the year, and you can find a good amount of ice cream in shops that also dole out fudge. Make it a two-for-one for a sweet double dip!

3. Dips and Sauces

all sauced up signNot all the food in Gatlinburg is sweet; there are shops that sell dips and sauces in town. One of the best places to find a good variety of the party treats is ​All Sauced Up​. Everything here is set out first thing in the morning for customers and helps them decide which is best. Get a taste and grab a jar or bottle to take back to the cabin!

4. Jams and Jellies

Returning to the sweet side of things is another food in Gatlinburg worth dipping into. You can find jams and jellies in All Sauced Up, but ​Ole Smoky Moonshine​ has its own brand of flavors to sample. With a selection that includes Huckleberry, Apple Pie, and Blueberry, make sure you get a sample of these before you head for their moonshine in the back.

5. Popcorn

There is popcorn all over the place, but as a food in Gatlinburg to sample, there’s no better place than ​POP Culture​ for a sampling. Located in The Village, this family-owned business has an awesome selection. Their flavors are even categorized by sweet, savory, and premium. Sample some of their sizable selection and walk out with a bag — or even a tin — to enjoy with the family back at the cabin.

6. Jerky

beef jerky piecesJerky has been on quite a kick lately, and it’s also been a popular food in Gatlinburg to sample. You can find your fix at the ​Beef Jerky Outlet​ where they have plenty of the savory treat on display. This store isn’t afraid to let customers sample, because they know there’s a good chance they walk out with a bag, and odds are, you will too.

It’s quite possible to make a meal out of all the food in Gatlinburg you can sample. We recommend you take it easy and enjoy a meal at a fabulous Gatlinburg restaurant too. If you need a place with plenty of room for your stash of food items you bought after sampling, our cabins are the perfect place. ​Book one of our cabins now​ to get a huge sample of a sensational vacation with us.

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