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How to Plan a Smoky Mountain Thanksgiving Vacation in 6 Steps

Alpine Chalet Rentals has everything you and your family need for a Thanksgiving getaway in the Great Smoky Mountains. Whether you are seeking a 2 bedroom cabin in the Smoky Mountains for a small family or an 8 bedroom cabin in the Smoky Mountains for a large reunion, we have the perfect property for your holiday! Here is how to plan a Smoky Mountain Thanksgiving vacation in six steps:

1. Invite Family Members and Friends

Since most people like to determine their Thanksgiving plans in advance, give yourself plenty of time to invite your family members and friends to the cabin getaway. This way, you can get a count of who will be attending the vacation so you can select the appropriate cabin for your group. Make sure that each adult guest or couple has their own bedroom to provide everyone with the comfort and privacy they desire

2. Determine How Long You Will Stay

Once you have selected your desired cabin, determine how long everyone in the family can stay for the Thanksgiving vacation. As soon as you’ve heard from all of your guests, you can book the number of nights that you need on our website. Since Thanksgiving falls on a Thursday, it may be nice to spend a long weekend in the Smokies with your loved ones.

3. Coordinate Schedules

As family members may be coming to your Smoky Mountain Thanksgiving vacation from different areas of the country, try to coordinate your schedules so that everyone arrives at the cabin around the same time. If some of your family members are flying into Knoxville or another airport in the area, allow plenty of time for them to purchase their airfare since Thanksgiving is a busy travel season. Once everyone’s travel arrangements have been confirmed, you can plan your schedule accordingly.

4. Plan the Thanksgiving Meal

Plan your Thanksgiving meal in advance by discussing the menu with your family prior to arriving at the cabin. This way, you can purchase all the necessary groceries and supplies needed to create the perfect holiday dinner. All of our cabins conveniently feature a full kitchen with modern amenities so you can do all of the cooking in the cabin.
As an alternative to cooking, many local restaurants are open on Thanksgiving. In year’s past, this has included Holston’s Kitchen, Alamo Steakhouse, Calhoun’s, J.T. Hannah’s Kitchen, Mama’s Farmhouse, the Old Mill Restaurant, the Park Grill, and other local favorites.

5. Find Activities for Your Group to Enjoy

When you spend Thanksgiving at one of our cabins with your family and friends, you’ll have the ideal atmosphere to catch up with each other. You may want to plan some activities for the group to enjoy, whether it means taking a hike together through the Great Smoky Mountains National Park or getting tickets for one of the fantastic shows in Pigeon Forge. Of course, our cabins have plenty of activities to keep your family entertained, such as relaxing hot tubs, cozy fireplaces, and exciting game rooms with billiards and more. For more group activity suggestions, check out our list of Things to Do in the Smoky Mountains.

6. Go with the Flow

After coordinating schedules and planning meals, simply go with the flow for the rest of your Thanksgiving getaway! Remember, you’re on vacation too, so be sure to take some time to kick back in the hot tub on your private deck to enjoy the beautiful fall scenery, or warm up by the fireplace as you recall some of your favorite family memories. Regardless of how you decide to spend your Smoky Mountain Thanksgiving vacation, you are sure to have a wonderful time with your family in beautiful East Tennessee.
To start planning your getaway, check out our complete selection of cabin rentals in the Smoky Mountains!

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