The Smoky Mountains of East Tennessee

Will I See Black Bears at My Cabin in Gatlinburg?

Guests staying at a cabin in Gatlinburg often wonder about the likelihood of seeing black bears. The simple answer is that black bears are plentiful in the region but you are not likely to see any near your cabin. It’s best for everyone, bears and humans alike, if bears keep their distance from cabins.
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Tips For Preventing Black Bears From Approaching Your Cabin
It can be fun and exciting to observe black bears from a distance. You can do this quite easily if you walk or drive around the Great Smoky Mountains National Park. You should, however, take some precautions to keep bears away from your cabin.

Always Use Designated Garbage Cans – Leaving out garbage is the most common way to attract bears. Never leave Black_bear_in_a_field_of_flowersgarbage or food remains exposed outdoors. It should be placed in garbage cans with the lid securely closed.

Clean Up After Cooking – Many guests enjoy having picnics or barbecues outside their cabins. If you do this, be sure to clean up after yourself. Pick up garbage and food scraps and clean the grill. This will prevent bears being attracted by the smell of food.

Keep a Radio on When You’re Away – An extra step for discouraging bears from approaching your cabin while you’re away is to have a radio or other audio device playing. It’s best to have a talk show or recording with human voices playing. The sound of people will keep bears away.

Black_bear_resting_in_a_treeHumans and bears can co-exist peacefully in the Great Smoky Mountains as long as you don’t do anything to attract these animals to your cabin in Gatlinburg. In general, bears will avoid contact with people and will only approach if they are hungry and smell food. It’s not hard to keep black bears away if you use common sense and don’t leave food around. You can still enjoy viewing these beautiful animals at a safe distance when you explore the area.
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